Jaipur- A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

So after making plans for a really loooooooong time, I finally did it, went on the amazing trip to Jaipur with my partner in crime, my not so little brother!

We covered the whole of Jaipur in less than 48 hours (excluding the travel time from Delhi to Jaipur and back). Here’s our “unplanned” itinerary of the two day trip to the pink city:

Day 0: Friday, 19th August

Booked a last minute bus through Redbus.in for INR 500 per person (unsatisfactory). The bus reached Iffcko chowk (end of flyover) “just an hour late” from its scheduled arrival. We began our journey to Jaipur and were not even halfway when the bus stopped at a dhabha which was no way safe for the only woman passenger onboard. Thank God, I had my brother along to build up courage! Starving through the journey, we bought extra charged biscuits, chips and a Limca. The bus started its journey again and it felt like the driver was in no hurry to reach Jaipur as several buses crossed our double decker sleeper cum seater bus. It came as no surprise that our bus met with some technical issue, we both were prepared for it already, but were a little scared from within, where I was scared when the bus stopped at secluded areas, my brother feared for my safety.

After all the commotion, we finally reached Jaipur at 1:40 a.m., just two hours late on our scheduled arrival (hope you’re getting the sarcasm here!). On arriving, the manager of Hotel Treebo, was responsible enough to send us an auto to pick us up at the Sindhi Camp Metro Station. The driver was well mannered and the auto had a distinct aroma which we later on felt everywhere in Jaipur. The driver dropped us off at the hotel in less than 15 minutes. We had booked the hotel via Booking.com which saved us a good sum, but a hidden tax of INR 199 was levied on us later on!)

Now, let me offer you the insights of our 2 Days Trip:

Day 1: 20th August

We started with a heavy breakfast (complimentary):

•Idli •Sambhar •Upma •Corn flakes •Papayas & bananas •Coffee

After filling up ourselves, we hired an auto for 12 long hours at a price of INR 1500 where we took our time and covered each and every place at ease!

1. Nahargarh Fort

IMG_20160820_131237188_HDR    IMG_20160820_125648907

Ticket Price:

  • 20 per person for Indians
  • 50 per person for foreign tourists
  • 5 per person for Indian students
  • 25 per person for Foreign students

2. Jaigarh Fort

IMG_20160820_140955396    IMG_20160820_141356861

You’ve got to see the largest canon in the world (Javana)!

Ticket Price:

  • INR 35 per person for Indians
  • INR 85 per person for foreign tourists

3. Amer Fort

fun at amer     lost in thoughts_amer palace

Ohh whatta beauty! The unparalleled mirror work and the white walls were nowhere to be found in the entire city! A must go tourist spot! You just have to walk a little of 1-1.5 kms to get to the fort. But worth it!

Worth Watching: The night tour of the Amer fort!! We missed it as we weren’t apprised of it earlier :/

Ticket Price:

  • 100 per person for Indians
  • 500 per person for foreign tourists
  • 10 per person for Indian students
  • 100 per person for foreign students
  • Night Tour: Sorry, I forgot the price!

4. Hawa Mahal

                 the sun speaks   hawa mahal

Okay, so this place would be remembered by the both of us as we captured a mysterious picture and thought we had captured a spirit!! Who knows what it was :/

Ticket Price:

  • INR 50 per person for Indians
  • INR 200 per person for Foreign Tourists

5. Chokhi Dhani

34   delicacy at its best_chokhi dhani

And here we paid a good sum of INR 1200 to experience the beauty of a Rajasthani village and enjoy a scrumptious traditional Rajasthani meal (worth every ruppee!!). The attendants filled our tummies so much that I was about to burst (literally). The hospitality was much, much appreciated!

It felt that a few hours at Chokhi Dhani was nothing, there was so much to explore, from camel rides to traditional Rajasthani dance to free Mehendi and what not. Words cannot define the feeling. I wonder if a made up village looks so beautiful, how would a real village look like <3

By 11, we were back to our hotel, took a nice hot bath, ate some chocolates and tucked ourselves for the night.

Day 2: 21st August

The day began with swollen eyes as we slept for straight 10 hours. We rushed for breakfast:

•Aloo paranthas •Curd •Poha •Corn flakes •Veg sandwiches •Papaya & bananas •Coffee

Post breakfast, we checked out from the hotel and left our rucksack there to pick up later on and then went on exploring the city.

6. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir ( or as people call it- Birla Mandir)

the swollen me at birla mandir

We were running late so rushed to the temple and met the Gods in a jiffy! With sinking temperature, soothing drizzling, the peacocks sang their songs and we rejoiced (though the temple “police” was after the devotees to get them out)

7. Jantar Mantar

45   46

This place was something, all the whiteness-brightness at one place. And how can I forget that handsome French I kept glancing at and dreamt of becoming a French guide :p Anyway, about the place, Jantar Mantar, as present in Delhi as well, is known for its huge sun dial. Jantar Mantar at Jaipur was vast as compared to the Delhi one. There were so many structures to explore and imagining how the people in earlier times were so good at science and mathematics astonishes me!

Ticket Price:

  • 40 per person for Indians
  • 15 per person for students
  • 200 per person for foreign tourists
  • 100 per person or foreign students

8. Shopping at the Chandpole market- Near Hawa Mahal

Though it didn’t go that well as we had planned to shop on a Sunday, the day half of the Jaipur is closed, even the malls were dead close. So, we couldn’t shop much but grabbed a thing or two for family and friends!

9. Albert Hall Museum

55    14

This was our last stop and will always remain the special one, the reason being the presence of numerous pigeons!! We walked through the flock of pigeons and relive our childhood. It was like the pigeons were acquainted with the crowd and they enjoyed all the attention. That was real happiness, little droplets of water, surrounded amongst pigeons and a monument endorsing the jewelry called pigeons!!

Albert Hall was equally beautiful from inside as it was from outside. The museum consisted of a mummy, coins and many other belongings of the Maharajas and Maharanis. You know your history well when you travel with a self proclaimed historian- my brother, Shakti.

Ticket Price:

  • 20 per person for Indian visitor
  • 150 per person for Overseas visitor
  • 10 per person for Indian student
  • 75 per person for Overseas student

We were lucky enough to explore Jaipur with less sun and more chilling breeze, yepp, I had goosebumps throughout the second day, thanks to the chilling wind and drizzling as cherry on top.

We returned to the hotel, picked our bag and rushed to catch our train- Ajmer Shatabdi, which turned out to be late by mere 10 minutes (nothing when compared to 2 hours delay). I must say what an amazing train it was- super comfortable, 3 course meal- snacks, soup & bread sticks and dinner accompanied with ice cream. The funny part was that every meal came as a surprise as we really didn’t expect three meals! The toilets were comparatively clean and hygienic to other trains!

So, this is how we made the most out of our two days trip to Jaipur.

About the Hotel- Treebo Aroma Residency

                                   sleep mode on_hotel treebo aroma residency             hotel treebo aroma residency

Excellent services, free pick up from the bus stand and free filling and tasty breakfast (trust me on this one) and yes, how can I forget the super comfy room, we both slept like babies for straight 10 hours on day 2!

Be smart and save some bucks!

  • We, being unknown of the new city, bought individual tickets to every fort and palace we visited. What you can do instead is buy the “Composite Ticket” of INR 300/ person which covers all the major monuments of Jaipur, including all the above places. The ticket is valid for two days and will save you 100 bucks or more, plus you can escape the queues!
  • Believe me, you wouldn’t require any tour guide as you’ll find inscriptions describing every section of a particular place. We were so mesmerised by the beauty of each place that history made no difference. I, so desperately wished to go back in time and experience how the Maharajas and Maharanis would have lived!


Beware of the public washrooms!! It’s better you manage your bathroom business prior to leaving the hotel and drink less water when exploring the desert city!

Dire and humble request from a Desh Bhakt-

  • At most of the places, I felt like a 2 year old who wasn’t allowed to touch anything with the fear of breaking it! C’mon, if we cannot touch our history then how will we feel it :/ Rajasthan Government, please do something about it!
  • Dear Rajasthan Government, please splurge the money we pay for tickets and every other tiny thing on revamping the sanitary conditions. Let’s begin the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” from the sinking Sulabh Shauchalayas. What say? 😀

So, this was all about my trip and lessons I learned while in Jaipur. Hope this helps you to plan your trip wisely and save your pocket wherever you can. Let me know if I can make your journey anymore comfortable with suggestions or advices. Till then, happy exploring the unexplored!

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