Overcoming Depression? “Peace” of Cake!

Feeling sad or left out? Is depression your new best friend? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling so! Having the feeling of despair or ending this life are the two most common thoughts a sad soul has. Read the next few lines very carefully– “You are one of a kind, why would you waste this life being sad or grumpy? Live it, go out, have fun. Now is the time to live!!”


Never thought time could be unceasing Never thought that wait could be forever Feels like the watch has stopped ticking Will there be a tomorrow or never? Blokes say time flies by With a blink of an eye Ask me what it means When every second I pry Feels like forever when the last time I danced Feels like never have I glanced At the sun glitter over the ocean or never have felt the…

good day every day!

It’s Good Day Every Day!!

The day shines bright, brings the whole new light The sun rays entwined, like the diamonds shine What’s this day hoards for us? Let’s just make wild guesses Is it some pretty face or just some fabulous dresses? With each day passing, I grow everyday Is it just my age or my mental say? Life’s full of surprises, whether good or bad But nothing is so sturdy to make you sad You live only once…

writer's write writing

Why the World Needs Writers?

A writer’s journey is eternal, it’s endless and reaches no destined shores. She has to move on from one land to another (in terms of writing). From writing fiction to biographies or stories to satires, a writer lives on forever in disguise of her work, through her creations presented as a gift to the society. No matter whether a writer portrays negative values or positive convictions, she will always be admired and resented simultaneously for her work.

solitude is pleasant

Solitude is Pleasant! Loneliness is Not! 

  No matter how well off a person is or have many apparent headcounts by side, there certainly comes a point in time, wherein an individual feels emotionally bankrupt. Regardless of the baggage full of love that one have had accumulated from dear ones, suddenly the world seems to have gone upside down and then the words mean nothing, when actions involuntarily contradict.