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Dear Unconditional Lover,

I understand how it feels to love unconditionally, without any complaints and demands in return. I know what it feels like to love but not feeling loved in return. You feel butterflies when you hold his hand, he’s your world but you don’t see the same at times. So, let me tell you something here.

Unconditional is a condition. Why that person wants to see you as an unconditional lover, where he’s not realizing that he himself is imposing the condition to be unconditional on you? Why do people say that the less the expectations, the lesser the pain? We have expectations from only those we are inclined towards, for whom we surrender ourselves and feel that the other person will reciprocate in the similar manner?

Is it even right to give up yourself downrightly for the love of that one person who doesn’t even realize it?

Let it go, let it all go and unlike the saying, don’t wait for your loved ones to come back. Because if they wanted to stay with you, they wouldn’t have left at the first place!

You give your day, you have sleepless nights, all that is for just one person, all that is unconditional.

But, you know what? Life is beyond all this, you have your own dreams to accomplish, then why wait for the one who doesn’t even want to be a part of your dreams? Live for yourself girl, now is the time! Do what you wanted to do back then, travel the world, live the night and feel the chills of life!

Life’s one then why waste it cribbing or regretting? Live it, love it, laugh it out!

With Love,

A Former Unconditional Lover


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