Is India-Pakistan Match Just a Match? | Jumadic

Why do people like watching India-Pakistan match? Is it because of the sportsman spirit in them or is it because they want to let the other country down?

What I have observed since my childhood is that a match between India Pakistan is not just a cricket match, it is a match between the two countries fighting to not win, but to defeat the other country. This is why the people go all crazy to watch this particular match. As per my understanding, the mentality of some people is such that they enjoy other’s defeat more than their own victory. Similar is the case when India ‘fights’ Pakistan over the field.

History speaks that whenever the two cricket teams have played against each other, the TRPs went up and humanity tripped down. We all have heard the stories where the cricket match between the two ended up in total chaos. People going against each other and killing each other in the name of sports. Is this what cricket is all about?

Not a second passes for a team to lose and you see millions of social media posts mocking the team that lost or won, either side on you are. What I feel is that there should still remain humanity amid the countries and the sport should be taken as a medium to love and respect each other and to unite as one. Do you think that’s what cricket is doing? Surely it is uniting India, but are we at friendly terms with Pakistan?

Talking about unity, what happens when our state teams fight internally and the players’ families face the bashing and humiliation? Where is the spirit of cricket then? For me, cricket has always been about the money. People play to get money, people do not play to get money and many such things come around.

Many of you may not like what I wrote but that’s what I’ve observed about this game and this perception is not changing soon analyzing the current scenarios.

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