So after making plans for a really loooooooong time, I finally did it, went on the amazing trip to Jaipur with my partner in crime, my not so little brother! We covered the whole of Jaipur in less than 48 hours (excluding the travel time from Delhi to Jaipur and back). Hereā€™s our ā€œunplannedā€ itinerary of the two day trip to the pink city:

Ā IndiaĀ isĀ aĀ landĀ ofĀ diverseĀ religionsĀ andĀ multitudeĀ ofĀ seasonsĀ thatĀ boastsĀ ofĀ itsĀ unceasingĀ hospitalityĀ forĀ anyoneĀ andĀ everyone.Ā ThisĀ isĀ theĀ birthplaceĀ ofĀ LordĀ KrishnaĀ andĀ theĀ workĀ placeĀ ofĀ multilingualĀ folks,Ā whoĀ proudlyĀ claimĀ themselvesĀ toĀ beĀ theĀ partĀ ofĀ theĀ worldā€™sĀ largestĀ democracy.