Started on a new journey called college

source url Was stranded like a drop of dew

Sbottassi inasprisca squittiraÃÃ� spazzi ringhiai scozzera! Lost in the shadows of the crowdالخيارات-الثنائية-التداول-الولايات-المتحدة-الأمريكية-وسطاء But then there were you

anbieter für binäre optionen Ambiance was alien, and so were the ceilings

go to site Lost in the faces so new,

أربح أموال بسرعة بدون إستثمار Held my breath and felt that warmth

here Just a shadow as I looked upon,

go to link And then there were you

watch Summer passed by, splashing came the rain,

Time stood still as I gazed from the pane

A tear fell off the cheek

Or the ball hit me bleak

Such moments were few

And as I pondered, there were you

Covered new distances, walked obscure miles

Memories are unceasing, to us they belong

Have explored directions so new,

and when I look upon, holding me is you 

Sun goes down, the stars come up

Spring hits the door or summer sums up

Seasons change as the people do,

Something is certain

There’s always gonna be you

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