I am an amateur travel enthusiast and have just started to develop a liking for books. In love with anything related to travel, adventure and fooooooood!!

Traveler ,Dreamer, Food Lover, Dog Lover, I’m all of that I can think of right now!!

Never thought that I would start off with my very own blog, but see, here I am writing my “About” Page!

Don’t know exactly what to mention here, cause I’m an open book and I’m sure you’ll get to know me through my blog posts and pictures!

Starting off with my dream to travel the world (covering homeland first!), I’ve commenced with Jumadic. This is Juhi Sharma, wishing to live her dreams and aspire to inspire others to do the same. Are you following your heart? If not, then now is the time! Go for it, achieve that big dream destination, for there is no tomorrow!

Hope you have a good time reading my travel and every day experiences!

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